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Elle Brooker
Elle BrookerNominee for Chair, Secretary, General Member
My name is Elle Brooker. I’m a sole trader specialising in transformation, change and uncommon projects in the government and public sector – things like eliminating handwriting from the management of exams at a major University for the first time in 150 years. I have twenty years’ experience in membership-based associations, as both an extra pair of hands in operations (publicity, governance, fundraisers and membership services) as well as an elected member and executive – Chair and Secretary. I’m asking for you to vote for me in this election because I have the skills, track record and capability to see WASEMA grow and develop as an organisation, well as the skills to grow a team. I have two degrees in public sector management and policy and my business specialises in the people, compliance and inclusion side of digital disruption and change. Last but not least, I have up to date skills in co-design and applied technology – data, privacy, online tools, policy, governance and regulatory requirements and experience in service design, performance, risk management and strategy, as a government advisor and consultant, to draw on – helping groups to set up for success and fulfil their objectives that I think would be highly useful. This is a track record I’m really proud of and would hope to continue at WASEMA.
Nika Suwarsih
Nika SuwarsihNominee for Chair, Vice-Chair
Nika Suwarsih Nika is from Indonesia. She came to Australia on January 2007. She started join community and volunteer work in the communities from 2007 to present in Victoria. Nika enjoying volunteer work and dedicated her time for communities, she spent a few years to volunteer in communities, her passion are empower women’s, mothers and children to share, create and explore their knowledge, creativity, up skilling, building resilient and creating a better future together. Now she is a Manager at Sisterworks Dandenong (Work Empowers women), she also chair of Advisory committee at the Indonesian Society of Victoria. She also Chairperson of the Indonesian Women’s Friendship Network Victoria. She focus empower women and helping women in the community. She also Regional Advisory Council at the Victorian Multicultural commission VMC. She is Multicultural Community Engagement at the MHFA (Mental Health Foundation Australia). She will contribute for the better future. She is also active as the Victorian Multicultural Ambassador and also active at as Multicultural Safety Ambassador at the Migrant Worker Centre (Victorian Trades Hall Council).She also volunteer work in the beyond the violence program as facilitator. She is also active and supports the CALD Mental Health Professional Network at Dandenong as a coordinator. Nika has completed diplomas in counselling and family intake and support work on 2012 in Melbourne. Nika received 2018 Premier’s Volunteer Champions Awards in the Leadership category. She thank you for this prestigious award from the Premier. She is absolutely blessed and very grateful to receive this award in the Leadership category. The formal ceremony on 9 September 2018 at the Government House for the of the Premier’s Volunteer of the Year.
Bhavika Unnadkat
Bhavika UnnadkatNominee for Chair, Vice-Chair, General Member
BHAVIKA UNNADKAT takes a vision and makes it reality through sound strategy development. She intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through an organization, brings them together into a coherent whole, helps others extend their thinking, and drives material business advantage. She is an inspirational leader who tells stories that inspire action while at the same time is grounded in financial information that levers the business. Respected as a credible voice in decision making, finding strategic financing partners, and establishing governance boundaries, Bhavika earns a seat at the table wherever she serves.
Garima Sharma
Garima SharmaNominee for Secretary, General Member
In December 2016, I took a leap of faith and started my journey of re-inventing and planting myself in Melbourne, Australia. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave behind the comforts and start from the scratch. From being an assistant professor in India to a ‘nothing’ in Australia, the struggles were real and being from culturally and linguistically diverse background with no local experience only made the journey harder. After months and months of numerous rejections and disappointments but not giving up, I knew I had to put my legal (more specifically, human rights law) knowledge to a better use. My untapped potential, eventually, got recognised and Right Now hired me as a non-fiction editor at first, and then promoted me to the Board position within a year. I feel really fortunate to have achieved this milestone of establishing my identity in a board career and this, I believe, is just the beginning. I have the drive and perseverance to exceed, work hard and do the right thing and by joining the WASEMA board, I am envisioning to hone my leadership, networking and negotiation skills and be an exciting yet an integral part of the Women on Board community. I strongly believe I can breathe a new life into WASEMA board by bringing the right energy and vibrancy. I can bring curious and innovative mind-set that will help the board in formulating the right plans. I have the ability to formulate powerful questions that can make others think afresh and explore new perspectives, and that’s why the members should vote for me and give me an opportunity to prove my competencies. 🙂
Caroline Atonio
Caroline AtonioNominee for Treasurer, General Member
I am a Chartered Accountant with over 10 years experience working in public practice. Throughout my career, I have worked my way from a Graduate Accountant through to a Director/Partner. I love working with numbers, but more importantly I love helping my clients achieve business success by developing close working relations to gain an understanding of their business beyond the numbers. As a female working in a male dominated industry, I am a strong believer in helping and guiding individuals, especially woman, to help them achieve their goals. I have a strong professional network within South East Melbourne, and I am always looking for opportunities to better myself both personally and professionally. I have a young family, and as a working mum, I am always looking for support and ways to support other woman when it comes to work life balance and experiences. I have a passion for helping and mentoring others and love sharing my experiences with others and hearing their experiences. I think I would be well suited as a board member not only due to my professional background, but also my life experiences to date.
Adelina Vanderzee
Adelina VanderzeeNominee for General Member
Adelina Vanderzee is originally from Malaysia and came to Australia to study at Monash University as an overseas student. Her background is Bachelor of Economics from Monash in Accounting and Business Administration and from RMIT. She was a CPA member for many years during her working life as an accountant. She was active member of Wasema for over a year and volunteered taking minutes and also playing the guitar and keyboard singing at many of the weekly meetings. Currently she is employed as a Job Advocate at Sister Works. Adelina likes helping people and providing bread for people in need, Adelina is also volunteer of Friends of The Children Organization through their various activities like Feeding the Homeless at Christmas and Clean Up Australia, and Covid Recovery Support through Rotary Club. Adelina has also written theme songs for Friends of The Children Foundation. My passion is helping people in need, empowering women. My hobbies are playing musical instruments, namely guitar, drums, keyboard, song writing, singing, fishing, walking, spending time with friends, eating together, enjoying nature. Another passion is seeing lives change through adult stem cell nutrition.
Malay So
Malay So Nominee for General Member
My name is Malay. I’m from Cambodia. I’ve been getting involved with WASEMA since 2018. I had joined WASEMA monthly network meetings and became a member. In 2019, I became a volunteer for WASEMA cafe. Later on, I was elected as general board member in 2020. I am consistent, level headed, patient, willing to work, excellent at communicating with other groups and updating them on the achievements of WASEMA. Malay has been heavily involved in the Muster Grant Project and also part of the operations Sub Committee. Malay brings a personal perspective of the organisation to the Board and represents the women of WASEMA.
Ashna Hussein
Ashna HusseinNominee for General Member
Not a person who sits still, and am always looking at ways of moving and growth myself. I’m at a place now where I wanted to start connecting with communities; internal to the organisation I work for and externally as well. This is where I can bring the wealth of experience and exposure to get behind WASEMA and the good it is doing for women. Leadership: With over 15 years of experience leading teams Top 2 Strength: Knowing my top 2 strengths are to execute and collaborate. I take a lot of pride in creating safe space for conversations and a drive to get the job done. Technology Advise: This is my background and with over 20 years of experience across multiple technology platforms, creating roadmaps, technology standards. Energiser Bunny: Described as someone with a lot of energy, I bring this to all aspects of my life.
Panja Seelam Murugiah
Panja Seelam MurugiahNominee for General Member
Panja is original from Malaysia. Background is Master in Business Administration. She is active in Wasema Cafe Dandenong North..She is Zumba Instructor, Beauty and skin care consultant. Hosting in wasema weekly event. She also has been receptions in wasema. Events . She is also Trainer in DrYDrs Fitness working with Malaysia and Singapore Ex Cadburian. She has been volunteering as Librarian in Park Orchard. Ringwood She have done Food handling and safety
Teng Kendall
Teng KendallNominee for General Member
I can support the CEO and board in shaping and articulating the short/ mid/ long term goals of WASEMA, work collaboratively to put together a roadmap to achieve those goals, provide advice, guidance and share my experience on how we can operate in a way that’s more efficient, especially in the context of WASEMA who is made up of mostly if not all volunteers. I can help with shaping and crafting messages, bringing in a fresh pair of eyes, to help make sure that our message is clear, and that we can clearly articulate our value proposition to external stakeholders, which would help with securing funding. I can help with connecting the dots, and help WASEMA connect with organisations who can contribute or support our goals in some ways. I am passionate about using technology to improve the way we work, so if there is an opportunity that we could simplify the way we work through technology (anything from automating the sign up process for upcoming friendship cafe sessions, to tracking volunteer activities, to storing content/ knowledge management), I would be more than happy to help with implementing these.
Elle Yudelman
Elle YudelmanNominee for General Member
Hello! My name is Elle Yudelman and I think you should vote me on to the Board because of my passion, diverse experience and key skill sets. I am from the USA and moved over to Australia for work about four years ago and while I started in the USA as a geologist, my career has shifted to being more governance focused within the mining industry. I have worked across key sustainability, environmental and social topics within mining, and keep chasing the next challenge. My strengths sit within relationship management, governance frameworks and policy development. But my passion sits with ensuring that corporate social responsibility is truly in the benefit of those communities within which we work and we maintain an open and honest dialog about key issues. I care greatly about gender equality which is how I found WASEMA, I believe that bringing diverse groups together is the way to catalyze change and continue the conversation. I work best with the “big picture”, understanding how all of the parts of the puzzle fit together and finding ways to improve the strategic goals at hand, which is why I am applying to be on the Board. Personally, I really resonate with WASEMA as I believe wellbeing is at the heart of it all and that the capacity of women grows with mental health and access to information. I would really love the opportunity to be part of such an inspiring organization.

WASEMA Inc wishes all our nominees the best and thanks them for their interest. 

Voting will be held for the roles of

Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 general board members

AGM Wednesday 28th July 

6.15 pm for 6.30 pm start

Virtual – Via Zoom