Women’s Association South East Melbourne Australia (WASEMA) Inc

Envisions an Australia where:

Women are confident and able to take their equal place in the social, cultural, economic, educational and political life

WASEMA enables neighbourhoods where women make friends, feel a sense of belonging, and meet family, work and security needs.

For women to connect across divides of culture, education, ability, age and to be linked in friendship and support.

For families and communities to benefit from the wellbeing, strength, and leadership of women.

“To increase the mental wellbeing and social and economic capacity of Women from all cultural backgrounds.”

Our Purpose


Women’s Association South East Melbourne Australia (WASEMA) Inc. is a registered charity and works for the wellbeing of women, especially in South East Melbourne.

It provides a network for women’s groups to share activities, experiences and challenges. The network invites women’s groups, agencies and service providers to meet each month and share information to provide opportunities for engagement.

WASEMA Inc. also provides opportunities for women’s groups to work together and support each other on common projects, funding applications, events and other activities.

WASEMA Inc.’s role is to advocate for women.

WASEMA Inc. creates, plans, develops, and executes activities such as friendship cafes, information sessions, workshops, training, exhibitions, expo’s, mentoring, coaching, wellbeing programs within WASEMA Inc. and/or in collaboration with other organisations, networks, groups or individuals.

Today, due to COVID-19, all activities are delivered online using virtual platforms.

ACNC- Registered Charity


❖ Openly Share Our Knowledge and Networks

❖ Integrity/Honesty

❖ Dedication to Helping Women

❖ Friendship

❖ Respect Diversity

❖ Non-Judgemental, Non Discriminative

❖ Commitment

❖ Responsibility/Accountability

❖ Collaboration

❖ Compassion


Together we make a community