WASEMA Inc. Compliance

WASEMA Inc is committed to meeting all compliance as a non profit Incorporated Association. The WASEMA Inc Board has overall responsibility for compliance of the organisation.

Wasema Inc Board recognises its responsibility in complying with all Government legislation, Codes of Conduct and Procedures as set out for Incorporated Associations.

Compliance Framework

Incorporated Association Compliance

WASEMA Inc is an incorporated association and a legal entity that can only operate in Victoria. Wasema complies with its responsibilities of the Incorporated Associations Legislation.

ATO Compliance

WASEMA Inc meets its taxation requirements as outlined in the below obligations.

ASIC Compliance

WASEMA as an incorporated association complies as follows:

  • having a board that manages the association
  • having a public officer/secretary (Updating any change through ABR)
  • having a registered office in its state of incorporation
  • acting under all the rules of legislation
  • holding an annual general meeting once a year

Annual Report (AGM July 2020)

  • lodging an annual statement every year
  • keeping proper accounting records
  • keeping minutes of all committee and general meetings
  • having registers of members and all board/committee members

Consumer Affairs

WASEMA Inc lodges its annual statement as required to Consumer affairs.

Child Safety

WASEMA Inc meets its Child Safety Compliance and responsibilities as required in the Child Safe National Standards.

WASEMA Inc utilises the following compliance tools.

Board, Staff, Volunteers and Contractors – COMPLIANCE ONLINE FORM


WASEMA Inc fosters a culture of membership and complies with all relevant legislation.

Work Health and Safety

WASEMA Inc fosters a culture of membership and complies with all relevant legislation.


WASEMA Inc adheres to

EOI – Volunteer Form and Appointment of Volunteer Form


WASEMA Inc has Work Cover Insurance